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2015 Year End Stats for CityBeautiful21


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Well, as we approach the New Year, I decided to take a look through the site stats for CityBeautiful21, a project I still very much believe in but have far less time to spend on than I would like. Anyway- here’s the annual rundown, with a few comparisons to the first annual rundown from 2013:

  • Eight (only 8!) total posts: less than one per month on average. Aargh. I hope to do better in 2016. I had 15 in 2014, so maybe that’s a goal to meet or beat.
  • Total pageviews this year: about 5,800. Similar to the first year in 2013.
  • In a nod to Moneyball, Sabermetrics, and the NBA’s Player Efficiency Rating, I will note that my average pageviews per post went up by 25 even though I published much less frequently than in 2013. This means if I actually write on a more frequent interval, it’s reasonable to expect about 370 of you to read each article.


My most popular post was a 2013 throwback that got a boost somewhere along the way. Three of the other next five where all related to filtering and affordable housing in Carrboro.

Most Popular Posts

  1. 475 Views – Five Great Reasons to Bulldoze the BCBSNC Building in Chapel Hill
  2. 448 Views – Filtering: A Word We Need to Understand as We Discuss Affordable Housing
  3. 412 Views – Filtering, Housing Supply and Changes In Rents: The Evidence
  4. 269 Views – Lloyd Farm Development: Can We Avoid a Missed Opportunity?
  5. 243 Views – ArtsCenter-Kidzu Building: A Compelling Idea That Needs Some Work Before Going Forward
  6. 227 Views – Displacement Without Development: Filtering Up on North Greensboro Street

Most Common Referring Websites

  1. 1,666 referrals via Search Engines, 94% from Google.
  2. 419 referrals via Facebook
  3. 337 referrals via Twitter
  4. 100+ referrals from the urbanist blogosphere across the USA. This includes Streetsblog Southeast, StreetsMN, and The Direct Transfer. If you are geeky on cities, design, transit and more, they are all worth your time to visit.

Keeping Up With CityBeautiful21 in 2016

To all of you who read regularly, first and foremost, thank you! I appreciate your readership and your comments, be they on the blog or via email.

If you’re interested in keeping track of new posts when they hit the blog, there are several ways to do so:

  1. The Email Blast – the easiest way to ensure you get every post from CityBeautiful21.  Proceed to the Home Page, and look for the Subscribe Link at the upper right! Your email will NEVER be shared with anyone else, for any reason, period.
  2. Facebook – You can “Like” CityBeautiful21 on Facebook, where I now post direct links to every new blog post.
  3. Twitter – Follow me @CityBeautiful21

Finally, I’m always in the market for new post ideas. Have a topic you’re interested in? Let me know. I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to address every query, but there are several long-form posts on this site that started as reader inquiries, so please, send them in.

Best wishes to you all for a healthy and happy 2016,

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